Brighton Science Festival 2014 | 6 Feb - 2 Mar 2014 | For all Sussex

Our impact…

10 joy of festival 1

Science is important. It isn’t part of life, it IS life. The Festival makes a difference to science uptake and engagement in Sussex. How do we know? On January 30th 2012 the government announced the statistics for university applications, the first since course fees tripled. Applications were down 7% across the nation, as you would expect. However, for the university of Sussex they were up 80% in maths and physical science, and up 5% in biological sciences. It’s time to thank the hundreds of people who helped to make that happen; who have inspired young and old at the Brighton Science Festival for the past eight years. The universities have increased their outreach activities to schools, the schools have participated directly in the Festival, all sorts of committed individuals and organisations have mounted displays, businesses in the area have sent teams and generously donated funds, the team here at the office have beavered away very hard to get everything in place. And the thing is, everyone enjoys themselves.

We hope you will too.