Brighton Science Festival

Take Nobody’s Word for It! – The Art of Argument


We are having a special – perhaps unique – event on September 18th. We want to encourage the art of debate;  debate about anything, at any time, from when to stop watching telly and go to bed, to the effect of geo-political finance on global warming.

This is a delicate craft, because it means arguing without being cross, disagreeing without being disagreeable. The day will be a mix of games and talks designed to polish our debating skills. Participants will learn to be passionate dispassionately, to be critical without going critical.

Sunday 18th September, 10:30am – 5:30pm

The Sallis Benney Theatre
58-67 Grand Parade




10.30 – Talking / thinking games, throughout the day

11.00- MATHS ON THE GO – Rob Eastaway, a fun selection of mathematical challenges and games that’ll make even the longest car journey bearable

12.00 Talking games

12.30 GOD IS WATCHING YOU – Dominic Johnson. Dominic suggests it may be sensible to believe in God for evolutionary purposes, regardless of whether such a supreme being actually exists. How do you feel? The Q&A after will be interesting.

1.30 Speakers corner opens – time for quick debates.

2.00 Philosophical ‘speed-dating’ – make friends in a merry-go-round of conversations.

2.30 Speed Debating – learn the adversarial tricks of the trade, for quick-fire exchanges of ideas.

Plus Jillian Scudder, of ASTROQUIZZICAL will be taking on questions from all comers about physics, space, and the nature of the universe around us. Come armed with your trickiest questions

3.00 Sense About Science ASK FOR EVIDENCE – make sure something’s actually true before you leap to any conclusions. Politicians take note!

3.30 Philosophy Foundation  FALLACY SPOTTING – how to be wrong.

4.00 BRIGHTON SALON DEBATE on the topic of Freedom of Speech

This event is supported by:

speakers corner philosophy foundation university of brighton