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Newsletter Archive

If you’re pining for newsletters of the past, the newsletter archive is the place to be. Fill your senses with heady nostalgia as you browse Brighton Science Festival newsletters from deep in the mists of history – or last week at the very least.


6th March 2018 – I’ll Be Back

7th February 2018 – The Pleasures of Curiosity

2nd February 2018 – Beware of imitations

26th January 2018 – Brighton Science Festival striding nearer

12th January 2018 – It’s Alive!

3rd January 2018 – Happy New Deadline

19th December 2017 – Join the dots: The Brighton Science Christmas Card

15th December 2017 – One Thing We Cannot Replace

8th December 2017 – Matching funds! 

27th November 2017 – We’re all so young

22nd November 2017 – The Brighton Science Festival Appeal 2017

8th November 2017 – A Very Full Half Term

20th October 2017 – The FUNdamentals

14th October 2017 – Half Term sorted: the Pocket Science Festival

15th September 2017 – Goodbye Science: Hello Science! 

1st September 2017 – Brighton welcomes the British

11th August 2017 – Synergy

17th July 2017 – Blink and you’ll miss it

6th July 2017 – Science Fiction: The Facts

8th February 2017 – Half Term Happenings

2nd February 2017 – Steaming Towards Half Term…

27th January 2017 – Science by Stealth – learn without realising it…

14th January 2017 – The Whistle’s gone!

2nd January 2017 – Waiting for the Whistle…

11th December 2016 – Christmas Greeting with a BIG Difference!

4th December 2016 – Special Health Packed Newsletter

19th November 2016 – It’s Going to get a Lot Hotter!

4th November 2016 – Bang on! A bonfire night special.

31st October 2016 – Pocket Science at Halloween.

14th September 2016 – What’s Happening in September?

9th September 2016 – Question Everything!

7th September 2016 – Rise of the Blob!

29th August 2016 – How do they poo it?

24th August 2016 – Two more of your Five a day

14th August 2016 – Pocket Science Festival

9th July 2016 – Sent from behind the Sofa

30th June 2016 – BREXterminate!

9th June 2016 – Will Daleks Save the World?

20th May 2016 – Serious Fun

6th May 2016 – Where would art be with science?

29th April 2016 – Brighton Fringe and Festival

25th February 2016 – The Thinking Person’s Festival

19th February 2016 – Journey to the Centre of the Calendar

16th February 2016 – We can help Trump to Trumpet

10th February 2016 – Doping for Profit

6th February 2016 – Nothing by Halves, Zika and Whales

29th January 2016 – Get booking quick!

15th January 2016 – Website is up!

2nd December 2015 – Running up to Christmas

23rd November 2015 – Nostalgia Edition

11th November 2015 – We are the champions!

7th October 2015 – Baggy Newsletter