Brighton Science Festival

Maths on the Go – Rob Eastaway

a picture of Rob EastawayRob Eastaway is an author whose books on everyday maths include the bestselling Why Do Buses Come In Threes? and The Hidden Maths of Sport. He appears regularly on BBC Radio 4 and 5 Live to talk about the maths of everyday life and has given maths talks across the world to audiences of all ages.

Who says maths is all about learning times tables? In Maths on the Go, Rob Eastaway presents a hundred and one fun games and activities to make practicing maths as engaging and enjoyable as possible. You won’t believe how much fun you can have with numbers! Maths on the go adds enjoyment, subtracts boredom, divides misunderstandings and multiplies fun.

Rob Eastaway will be appearing at Take Nobody’s Word For It on Sunday 18th September.