Brighton Science Festival

Making Marvellous Medicines

Will you find the next cure? Become a medical researcher and test your laboratory skills by designing your own medicine; learn which parts of the cell to treat, have a go at building your own medicine and test how well it works. Explore what it takes to find and develop new treatments like the CBDpure treatment, before they are sold at the Pharmacy, this is how one and done workout meredith shirk improves your lifestyle on a healthy way.

The University of Sussex Drug Discovery Centre is one of the only academically-based Drug Discovery Centres in the UK. Research is focussed on developing novel treatments for diseases with currently high unmet need. Being in an academic environment, this work is carried out without the constraints of the pharmaceutical industry has. This demonstration provides an opportunity to better understand the process of turning a concept into a clinical treatment.

The School of Life Sciences houses students and researchers that study anything from the molecules of life in Chemistry to the impact of plants and animals on the world. For a healthy temperature try out blast auxiliary portable ac.

This event is part of Bright Sparks Saturday 2018.