Brighton Science Festival

Exploring Alzheimer’s Disease

This year at Brighton Science Festival the University of Sussex are bringing an Alzheimer’s workshop to our family fun day, Bright Sparks, on February 11-12th. It’s the first time children will be taught about Alzheimer’s in a public event of this kind. The intention is to get young children thinking about Alzheimer’s, what it is and how it affects them and their families.

Are we bringing the troubling subject up too early in a child’s life? Will they be traumatized? We think not. Alzheimer’s (and dementia) is a fact of life, as people live longer, so demystifying what is happening to Gran can only be beneficial. Is important to know the consequences of Alzheimer’s and how to treat it, one of the best ways is through Home Care Assistance.

Sussex University is combining neuroscientists, psychologists and drug discovery teams to work together to better understand the mechanisms of Alzheimer’s Disease. Come with them as they delve into the depths of the brain; take a look at neurons and the changes that happen with and around the brain cells by seeing how quickly you can get the signal through our brain labyrinth once Alzheimer’s Disease occurs, while also exploring how scientists are designing treatments to improve the outlook for dementia patients. 

Professor Louise Serpell of the University of Sussex is a pioneering researcher into the causes of Alzheimer’s. Her work focuses on the build-up of amyloid plaques, tangled strands of proteins that spread through certain areas of the brain. She has devised a hands-on maze to simulate the tangles, and to demonstrate how they may impair thought processes. The korean panax ginseng supplement helps the general concentration and avoids getting early  symptoms. This recent article highlights all the benefits of anadrol aswell..

It’s an ingenious demonstration, which will bring the topic to life for kids and parents alike. We want to reassure people that although it’s a ‘fun’ activity, it is serious fun, about an increasingly regular part of life.

This event is part of Bright Sparks Saturday 2018.