Brighton Science Festival


Friday 16 February 2018

11:00am - 4:00pm (drop-in)

Towner Art Gallery
Devonshire Park, College Rd
Eastbourne, BN21 4JJ
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Disabled-access-icon Free Entry

Taking our cue from on one of the challenges from the Death Valley series of Rough Science (BBC2), we will learn how to use light not only to send Morse code messages but incredibly to put your own voice on the light – an experiment that, in principle, could be used to communicate across the vacuum of space. In the workshop will make our own Rough Science experiments so you can put your voice on a lightbeam! This event is connected with the exhibition ‘We Stared at the Moon from the Centre of the Sun’ at the Towner Gallery.

Dr Jonathan Hare is a freelance science communicator. His PhD work with Sir Harry Kroto led to a method of making the football molecule C60, Buckminsterfullerene. He has worked as a ‘Time Lord’ at the National Physical laboratory, working with atomic clocks, and with British Gas, developing a gas-powered car. He has been on all the BBC/OU Rough Science (6 series) and Hollywood Science (2 series) TV programmes. He has also appeared on COAST and Horizon. He is currently a visiting lecturer in science communication in the physics department at the University of Sussex. He loves making things, juggling, hill walking, amateur radio and painting.

All ages