Brighton Science Festival


Friday 16 February

6:00pm - 9:00pm (drop-in, talk from 7:00pm - 8:00pm)

Sallis Benney Theatre
58-67 Grand Parade
Brighton, BN2 0JY
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Mysterious creation myths still influence our culture, but what does science say about the origins of the universe? Join astronomer Dr Francisco Diego for a fascinating talk on the relevance of science to modern culture. Come early or stay late to meet some young astronomers and take a look through Brighton Astro’s telescopes.

The talk begins by looking at the most imaginative myths of creation, some of which still dominate part of our culture. You’ll then hear about the discoveries of modern science and what they tell us about the true nature of the universe, from its simple and still mysterious origin to the complexity and diversity around us today. We follow the cosmic timeline from its very beginning to the development of planet Earth and its living environment.

Science has deciphered the basic chemical structures shared by all living things. It has also shown us that we all descend from a single human family that emerged and migrated from central Africa to populate the entire planet in only a few thousand years.

Thus nature brings alive the wisdom of our ancestors, but can it help us in our search for new ways of living? Can our understanding of the natural world help us live in harmony with each other and preserve the fragile paradise that has always been our home?

Before and after the talk there will be a chance to meet some of the Brighton Astro team. They will have telescopes set up in the courtyard which you can use to survey the night sky.

Brighton Astro is an informal group of cosmic enthusiasts from all walks of life who like to meet up, talk about the universe and gaze at the stars.

Dr Francisco Diego is a keen populariser of natural sciences and has extensive experience as a planetarium producer/presenter, lecturer, author and broadcaster. He is a senior teaching fellow at the Department of Physics and Astronomy at University College London, vice president of the UK Association for Astronomy Education and a fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society. He has appeared on TV series like ‘Stephen Hawking’s Universe’, BBC’s ‘The Planets’ and, more recently, the worldwide version of BBC’s ‘Wonders of the Universe’, ‘The Seven Ages of Starlight’ and ‘The Secret Life of the Sun’. He is the founder and director of Your Universe, the UCL festival of astronomy. His public and school lectures have reached an audience of over 25,000 during the last 10 years. He is also the veteran of 20 solar eclipse expeditions.

Ages 10+

£4 (£2 concessions)