Brighton Science Festival

Science of Space, Stars, Gravity and Black Holes

Tuesday 27 October 2020

11-11.40am, 2-2.40pm, 4-4.40pm

An introduction to some of the most interesting objects in space for children, showing how stars evolve during their lifetimes, to explode as supernovas and become black holes or neutron stars, or to become white dwarfs at the end of their lifetime.

We will also look at how gravity was described by Einstein, with a gravity demonstrator, and find out why gravity makes less massive objects in space orbit more massive objects like stars. We will also split up white light similarly to that emitted by stars using torches and CDs and prisms. In addition, we will look at how astronomers learn what stars are made of using the light that comes towards the Earth and how they use ‘red shifts’ to find out how fast stars are moving and how far they are away from us.

Dr Gareth Francis is an astrophysicist who lives in Kent and loves to explain science to children and adults. He has 10 years’ experience enthusing children about physics and chemistry in schools across the UK. He also gives talks at the Science Museum in London on space and the planets.

Tuesday 27 October: 11-11.40am, 2-2.40pm, 4-4.40pm

Suitable for ages 7-14 with adult supervision

Tickets: £4

This is an online event – Zoom details will be sent to ticket holders

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