Brighton Science Festival

The Ensemble Workshop: Help Build the World’s Longest Automaton

Sunday 23 February 2020

11.00am - 5pm Free

St Augustine’s Event Centre
Stanford Avenue
Brighton, BN1 6EA
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Disabled-access-icon Free Entry

Combine your artistic and mechanical skills to help build the World’s Longest Automaton. Using pre-made components and a box of curious junk and dismantled toys, everyone makes their own individual automaton which are then linked together to form a strange and amazing snaking line of machines up to eight meters long, powered by an electric motor. In the process, you learn about cams, drives, linkages and how art can be (sometimes weirdly) engineered.

Sunday 23 February
11.00am – 5pm as part of the Pocket Science Funfair

5+ to all ages (young children may need adult help. No unaccompanied children).

Free as part of the Pocket Science Funfair

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