Brighton Science Festival


Friday 16 February 2018

2:00pm - 4:00pm (allow at least 1 hour)

Brighton Toy and Model Museum
52–55 Trafalgar Street
Brighton, BN1 4EB
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For centuries, even before television and cinema came along, people have entertained themselves with optical illusions. Discover what amazing inventions were developed in the 1800s that eventually led to the successful creation of modern moving images.

Victorians were fascinated by toys that made pictures move – starting with simple thaumatropes, where a disc is rotated so images merge together, we can follow how this simple technique became more sophisticated, evolving into the phenakistoscope where a disc is mounted on an axis that when spun gives the impression of a scene in motion.

Finally we have the zoetrope, a great improvement over the phenakistoscope, where several people could view the illusion of animation at the same time. Come to the museum to create your own illusion of motion by making thaumatropes, phenaksitoscopes and zoetropes to take home using your own designs and creations.

Each event comes at no additional cost other than regular admission, but booking is required. To book a place, just give us a ring on 01273 749494.

Brighton Toy and Model Museum is an Aladdin’s cave – home to one of the finest collections of toys and models in the world – preserving childhood memories, nostalgia and social history. Founded in 1991, we have over ten thousand toys and models in our collection, focusing on the first half of the twentieth century, and including rare vintage model train collections and many period antique toys. We are easily accessible, situated underneath the railway station in the arches.

Ages 7–11

Included with admission to the museum: Adult £6.50, child £4.00, concessions £5.50, family £14 (up to 2 adults and 3 children). Booking required: call 01273 749494.