Brighton Science Festival


Singing With iPads | Brighton Science Festival

Saturday 18 February 2017


You know how difficult music looks – dots and lines all over the place? NETEM give each participant an iPad on which their line of music appears, a bit at a time, everyone sings their notes, the conductor controls the tempo through the iPads and Bingo! You are a choir.

Musicians and computer scientists from the University of Sussex collaborated last year to produce networked scores on computer tablets to help people experience ensemble music-making. We called this ‘Networked Technology and the Experience of ensemble Music-making’ We aim to program and develop networked iPads to enable beginner music readers and non-music readers to perform complex polyphonic music in ensembles, with and without professional musicians.

This year in a unique new collaboration with the Brighton Early Music Festival the NETEM app takes a further step forward into the world of sung ensemble music – come and experience singing early music assisted by networked tablets and instruments. During this workshop session you will join members of the Brighton Early Music Festival’s community choir directed by Joseph Paxman to explore the poignant music of William Byrd and Henry Purcell from the inside, using part notation transformed by networked technology.

FREE (ticketed). Under 16s must be accompanied by an adult. Event lasts 2 hours. All ages.