Brighton Science Festival

Science… The Best Bits

Tuesday 27 October 2020


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Some of the greatest hits of science that covers many a fun thing and gets many a laugh as well.

This science show is the real thing.

From Galileo dropping things, to rocks from space and singing dinosaurs by way of plants that kill and much more.

Pictures to transport the mind and specimens to catch the imagination. A talk for all ages but well suited that to show the breadth, width and fun of science.

Still want a bit more detail? The science show starts with some discussion “What is Science?” and then follows with a demonstration of gravity. There is next material on electricity with some of my best static electricity tricks and favourite machines.

Meteors and shooting stars, the movement of the Earth, the sun, some other planets, satellite pictures and where we are. Back to Earth and what could be more earthy than plants? We look at what they do and then into animals and to finish the confection a few delicious facts about everybody’s favourite monsters, dinosaurs.

Tickets: £4 per screen (suggested donation)

This is an online event – Zoom details will be sent to ticket holders

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