Brighton Science Festival


Sunday 11 February 2018

12:00pm - 2:00pm

Bellerbys College
1 Billinton Way
Brighton, BN1 4LF
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Disabled-access-icon Free Entry

Why do witches’ brews bubble and fume? What goes in the cauldron to make them change colour? Take this opportunity to mix chemicals, create colours and cast a spell. What does ‘Eye of Newt’ actually look like? Examine some of the many microscopic ingredients that might go in the cauldron, and learn more about them.

And go further towards the edges of reality through holograms and mirrors. And then make some noise – find out how we hear, why musical instruments don’t all sound the same, and why some noises make us cover our ears.

Our enthusiastic team of international students will demonstrate the science and lead fun hands-on activities to surprise and inspire. And you will have the opportunity to create and take away a colour-changing mug or a hologram.

Bellerbys College offers GCSE, A Level and Foundation education to students from all over the world preparing for university education in the UK or abroad. Students also participate in a wide range of after-school enrichment, sports and cultural activities, daytrips and evening lectures. Not only are the students acquiring knowledge but also developing social and life skills which will serve them well as they move on to higher education. The college environment is vibrant, diverse and multicultural, and life with the students is constantly surprising and inspirational. 

Ages 11+

Free (donations)