Brighton Science Festival


Friday 16 February

10:30am - 4:30pm (drop-in)

The Walrus
10 Ship Street
Brighton, BN1 1AD
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The Pocket Science Funfair looks like a funfair – it IS a funfair, but each stall has a little science snuck into it. The Incredible Machine, the Amazing Shrinking Puppet Booth, Upside-down Goggles, Splat the Rat, the Gull Poo Shooting Gallery, optical illusions and much, much more. Bring your family and be astonished, puzzled, pleased and stealthily educated by what you find.

“I thought the energy and enthusiasm of the volunteers was fantastic. Their ability to capture the attention of the young people was great. Fantastic team!”

“I think all the young people gained from the event and get a better understanding of how science impacts our everyday lives, how our eyes don’t always tell the truth and what fun can be had from a microscope!”

“Your activities epitomise the real meaning of learning: it is fun, engaging, exciting, uplifting, and much more. Young people have a strong (and intrinsic) desire to “find out”. Thank you for helping us nurture that.”

Ages 7+

£4 per person over 3 yrs-old (£14 for a family of four). Tickets available on the door

Note: No tickets are sold on-line, so it’s first come, first served. When’s the best time to turn up? Well, you will get a good look at everything in an hour and a half. Some might like to stay longer. Bear in mind, the crowds tend to be thickest first thing and around lunch, then they reduce in the afternoon