Brighton Science Festival


Saturday 10 February 2018

3:30pm - 4:30pm

Sweet Dukebox
The Southern Belle, 3 Waterloo Street
Brighton and Hove, BN3 1AQ
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Discover the HOW behind the WOW as science magician Oliver Meech shows you the surprising science behind magic tricks. A good magician never reveals how it’s done. But science is all about showing your work. Oliver Meech does both, lifting the curtain on the surprising science behind the magic.

Oliver Meech combines magic with other interesting things to create work that is ‘fascinating and different to other magicians’ (GWJWTBE blog). His one-man magic shows have sold out month-long runs at the Edinburgh Fringe in both 2013 and 2014, as well as sell-out performances in London, Brighton Fringe, Buxton Fringe, Green Man Festival and Manchester Comedy Festival. Reviews include: ‘my jaw hit the floor’ (BBC), ‘could rival Derren Brown’ (Theatre-Wales) and ‘real gasps of awe’ (Broadway Baby).

He has worked on the Discovery Channel’s Breaking Magic as a magic consultant and is the author of three critically acclaimed magic books for magicians. He was also one of the youngest people to lecture at The Magic Circle, the world’s most prestigious magic society.

Ages 7+

This event is SOLD OUT.

Oliver Meech is also performing a show the same day, details here.