Brighton Science Festival


Sunday 18 February 2018

11:00am - 1:00pm, 2:00pm - 4:00pm

Exploring Senses Pop-Up MakerLab
76–81 Kings Road Arches
Brighton, BN1 2FN
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Have you ever watched Toy Story and thought Sid’s mutant toys were kinda cool? Then you’re gonna love MakerLab Monsters!

Save toys from the rubbish heap in a hands-on craft and tech workshop with Exploring Senses.

Learn how to use 3D pens and reuse toys destined for landfill in a draw, cut, stick and sew workshop. Then photograph and digitally edit your monsters and print them onto your own personalised t-shirt.

Founded in 2001, Exploring Senses is a group of artists who enjoy collaborating, sharing ideas, skills and knowledge to create and develop new fun engagement activities, workshops, events and exhibitions.

Exploring Senses works in partnership with local communities helping children, young people, families and adults learn new skills and knowledge by participating in activities that combine arts, crafts, technology, language and science. They focus on the value of informal creative learning through playful investigation.

Ages 7+ (adults welcome)

£30 per participant plus booking fee. Check out other Exploring Senses activities taking place during Brighton Science Festival here.