Brighton Science Festival


Thursday 15 February 2018

12:00pm - 5:00pm (drop-in)

28 Kensington Street
Brighton, BN1 4AJ
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Lighthouse presents Big Little Multiverse, a programme of short films and drop-in events that tackle science at both ends – from the enormity of the universe to the minuteness of DNA.

Film screenings will take us into outer space, exploring its vastness and telling the stories of those who have travelled into the cosmos and marvelled at its scale. Films include Pale Blue Dot, Overview, Purple Plain, Orbit Ever After and My Face in Space.

At the opposite end of the scale, we’ll be looking down – into the deep well of genetics. Our drop-in sessions are a chance to peer through the microscope, with opportunities to extract the DNA from a kiwi fruit or build a model cell.

Lighthouse is an arts and culture agency that connects new developments in art, technology and society. We produce commissions, exhibitions, events and education schemes that support radical new contemporary art, digital culture, music, film and much more.

All ages (under 16s must be with an adult).

£3 per adult. Kids free.