Brighton Science Festival

Learn to Sew

Wednesday 30 October


The Fashion School
69 North Road
Brighton, BN1 1YD
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Have you ever wondered how to sew on a button? Want to learn techniques with just a needle and thread? In this fun and hands-on workshop you will learn all about sewing, using just a needle and thread you can do so much!


How does sewing work? What can I do with it?


Understand the use of sewing to mend things and by creating your own sample.


Learn from imagery of different uses of sewing, the uses and how it’s used in different garments with examples.

Materials / Tools

  • Needle and thread
  • Recycled fabric scrap (We believe in sustainable textiles)
  • Button
  • Scissors

Procedure / Method 

Using your needle and thread you will test out some key techniques following the method demonstrated by your tutor, these will include:

  • Sewing on a button
  • Running stitch
  • Back stitch
  • Tailors tack 


By the end of this workshop you should have an understanding of sewing, how sewing skills can be used and you will have your very own sample to take home!

Wednesday 30th October 3.30pm-5.30pm

Age 6+


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