Brighton Science Festival

Genius Brighton: FAKE NEWS! An Introduction to Critical Thinking

Sunday 3 November 2019

9.30am - 11.30am, 11.45am-1.45pm, 2pm-4pm

Middle Street Primary School
37 Middle St
Brighton, BN1 1AL
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Join Genius Brighton, in association with Worthing Skeptics in the Pub, for a two-hour Introduction to Critical Thinking – one of the most important skills you can give your children!

We all worry about the content our children view online – we hope they’ll have the sense to know what’s real and what’s not. But as we look around the world, it’s clear that many of us don’t have the skills to analyse information and figure out who we can trust. Our children need to be protected from those that would trick them and lead them astray. The best way we can do this is by teaching them how to recognise suspect material at a young age. In this workshop, we’ll teach how to spot fake news, pseudoscience, conspiracy theories, and logical fallacies.

Ages 8 and up, but we’re flexible.

£15 per child

9.30am-11.30am, 11.45am-1.45pm, 2pm-4pm

Bookings exclusively through our friends at EEQU, here: