Brighton Science Festival

Dinosaurs and Fossils

Friday 30 October 2020


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With fossils and specimens from his own collection as well as a fair few choice pictures, Ian B Dunne takes you on an odyssey through the making of life.

Rocks are great and there certainly are a lot of them. Some contain the remains of life that has come and gone. Trilobites, ammonites and a host of other “ites” including coprolites. Dinosaurs… What were they? What did they do? How did they do it?

There are so many aspects of these creatures that can get things going. Not just their size, but what did they eat? Where did they live? What colours were they? What would they make of our world today? Or what would we make of their world if we went back in time?

And of course, what happened to them?

Tickets: £4 per screen (suggested donation)

This is an online event – Zoom details will be sent to ticket holders

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