Brighton Science Festival

Crazy Contraptions: STEMtastic Fun

Tuesday 27 October 2020


Join me and my little team of STEMtastic science assistants online to investigate forces and motion. We build a series of Halloween-themed crazy contraptions to bring the fun into physics this half-term. In this interactive workshop, you build simple machines along with us. This is not a science show where you sit in silence watching someone else have all the fun. You get to do everything yourself from the comfort of your own home. We will be creating marching monster feet and bon voyage bats as we experiment together. Don’t worry – there’s nothing scary!

STEM is science, technology, engineering and maths. In our ever-changing world, problem-solving is a vital skill for the inventors, scientists, engineers, architects and designers of the future. Children have the best imaginations and we aim to nurture their interest so one day they can become the people who create things we now think are impossible.

This form of blended learning helps children build connections between the subjects and encourages curiosity and creativity.

Children who do not flourish in a traditional classroom setting are often the most talented at problem solving, but their intelligence is not always recognised. In our STEM workshop, every child is free to offer ideas and opinions, think differently, make mistakes, start again.

STEM helps children to develop:

💡 Critical thinking

💡 Problem solving

💡 Effective communication

💡 Confidence

Before you book, please check the list of everyday items (here) you will need to join in the session.

When you book, you will receive a Zoom link to join the workshop. Adults are expected to be around to help create our contraptions.

Suitable for ages 5-10
Tickets: £8 per family

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