Brighton Science Festival

Bubble Trouble

Wednesday 24 October 2018

10.00am - 4.00pm (drop-in)

The Hanover Centre
33 Southover Street
Brighton, BN2 9UD
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A workshop exploring the wonderful science of bubbles, studying the shape, vibration, and density of these soapy floating orbs, led by Simon Fortune, an eccentric musical bubbleologist whose bubbly personality helps put the pop into popular science.

Activities will include:

* Make concentric bubbly domes within domes.
* Design a bubble wand.
* Make bubble cubes and learn how bubbles change their shape.
* Experiment with surface tension and gravity… which wins out?
* Making foamers with toilet roll, rubber bands and cloth.
* Helium bubbles. Exploring gases that are lighter than air.
* Make bounceable bubbles by using fabrics less abrasive to bubbles.
* Build a caterpillar bubble and learn how to blow a line of connected bubbles.
* And everyone’s favourite – kid in a bubble.

10am – 4pm (drop in)

Recommended ages 6+

Entry £3 – tickets will be available on the door

Wednesday 24th October

Hanover Community Centre, 33 Southover St, Brighton BN2 9UD