Brighton Science Festival

Big Science Saturday

Saturday 27 October 2018

10.00am - 6.00pm

One Church
Gloucester Road
Brighton, BN1 4AA
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Talks from top experts, and discussions on important issues.:

10.30am – Brian Clegg – The Graphene Revolution – Graphene is far stronger than steel and a far better conductor than any metal. It is to the future what plastic was to the 20th century. Brian Clegg outlines the world to come.

11.30am – Isabella Tree – Wilding . Isabella and her husband have given over their 3,500 acre estate to nature, helping it by re-introducing wild cattle, deer, pigs and ponies. And it is working, beyond their *wildest* dreams.

12.30pm – Michael Brooks – The Quantum Astrologer – One of the Science Festival’s treasures, New Scientist editor Michael Brooks is a prolific and mesmerising speaker and writer. This time he has exhumed the reputation of Jerome Cardano, a sixteenth century Milanese gambler, astrologer, and unacknowledged discoverer of the mathematical foundations of quantum physics.

2.30pm – Andrew Elliott – Is That A Big Number?  – We are in a world where the biggest keep getting bigger, and the smallest smaller. Not easy to get your brain around it all. Andrew will give us the tools and tips to tame the numerous beasts, and will take the sheer Tera out of the Nano for us.

3.30pm – Tom Whipple – X and Why – In the last century it was argued that men are from Mars and women are from Venus; now we are in a different world. Tom Whipple explains what we have discovered, and how this is changing the gender debate.

4.30pm – Lynne Murphy -The Prodigal Tongue – Professor Lynne Murphy is on the front line in the tussle between two languages, being an American linguist at the University of Sussex. She unravels the prejudices, stereotypes and insecurities that shape our attitudes to our own languages. Are we doomed to be for ever ‘two nations divided by a common language’? One hopes not.


Saturday 27th October

10.00am – 6.00pm

One Church, Gloucester Place, Brighton, BN1 4AA

Recommended age 16+

Tickets: £10 (£3 concessions) – BOOK NOW