Brighton Science Festival


Saturday 17 February 2018

5:00pm - 6:00pm

Sweet Dukebox
The Southern Belle, 3 Waterloo Street
Brighton and Hove, BN3 1AQ
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What is a sound wave? How far can they travel? And what is the frequency range of human hearing? Come for an exploration of sound waves and how they are reproduced. Technical terms such as ‘aural imaging’, resistance’, ‘sub-sonic’ and many others are explained in simple terms, and your host Adrian Jameson tells you how they relate to the sounds you hear.

Acoustic playback systems are also discussed, allowing the audience to understand how everyday things like record players and loudspeakers actually work. How does a cartridge create electronic pulses from a piece of pressed vinyl? What is the difference between analogue and digital, and does it make a difference to what you hear? There will be concise explanations of how speakers work (active vs passive) and how to measure sound pressure levels – useful for anyone attending live concerts! Audio demonstrations will help illustrate how music is replayed and serve up a bit of myth-busting! 

Adrian Jameson was a retailer and installer of high-end audio systems for 22 years. He was trained by some of the best speaker and audio electronic companies in the world, and is bringing a wealth of knowledge on acoustic playback systems.

Ages 12+

Adults £7. Under 16s and students £5.