Brighton Science Festival


Thursday 15 February 2018

10:15am - 3:40pm (drop-in). Last admissions 3:00pm.

Friends Meeting House
Ship Street
Brighton, BN1 1AF
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Watch amazing ‘Street Science’ entertainment, join our wax workshop and make yourself exciting science souvenirs and a quiz game to take home.

Watch a short show of science tricks with unexpected outcomes, join an interactive discussion workshop about the science of the candle and enjoy a whole miscellanea of making-taking-testing fun and practical science activities. All of these will be on a rotated timetable.

You can drop in whenever you want and stay as long as you like, but you will probably be able to complete the whole cycle in about an hour and a half. The activities may vary. There will be a chance to think about scientific questions based on the activities and to ask questions of your own. We have activities suitable for anyone over three but we expect to be able to challenge students and adults as well. We hope visitors will be inspired to follow up the investigations at home. 

Sphere Science Ltd is a leading provider of practical science activities in the UK. Our work includes investigative science activities and workshops to support the curricula in primary and secondary schools, shows, INSET, CPD, teacher training sessions, a network of primary science clubs and exciting and inspiring activities and a wide variety of events including The Big Bang and Brighton Science Festival. We hope to engage and inspire people of all ages, through practical activities, to think scientifically.

All ages

Children £4, adults £2, under 3s free (drop-in).