Brighton Science Festival 2014 | 6 Feb - 2 Mar 2014 | For all Sussex

Bright Sparks

The Bright Sparks days are there for parents and their children to play, experiment, discover and share the experience. This year the excitement is happening on the Saturday 16th February and Sunday 17th February.

And here’s just why you should come along.

One year I saw a big man enter the room with his two young children and surveyed the turmoil around him. Hove Park Upper School was heaving with a thousand mums, dads and kids, playing with sixty different kinds of science delight. In this particular room the challenge was to build a bridge across a 40 cm gap strong enough to support as many Mars bars as possible, using only four sheets of paper.

Dad’s eyes lit up. He said, “Stand aside kids. This one’s for me”. For the next fifteen minutes he was immersed in the task, his children on either side, looked at him as if to say, “but… you’re a Dad, not an engineer.”
As I watched I didn’t worry that the kids were being ignored, for I knew that they were going to be engineers when they grew up. Why? because imitation is the key to career. What the parents enjoy, that’s what the kids will enjoy. Indeed, after a few minutes they were working on their own bridges, unprompted.

The Brighton Science Festival is building its own bridges, between science and the people. You should come. Actually you should bring a demonstration of your own. In point of fact, if you care for the future of manufacturing in this country, you should become a sponsor. Get in touch to find out more.

We hope to make science so irresistible to young students that the A-level courses are flooded with applicants. Already there is an increased uptake in Sussex. This is good. It means higher standards and better choice for businesses. Even for young people who decide to leave school at sixteen there will be an enduring interest in science and respect for scientists and engineers.

Come to the Festival. Bring your family, bring your enthusiasm.