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Astroquizzical – Jillian Scudder

a photograph of Dr Jillian Scudder



Click on the image to download the book who’s time has come! The history of the Universe, from the Big Bang till today. Scientists have worked it all out. So, we thought, it’s time to tell it like it is, in eleven short and sweet chapters.

Track your journey, from your first appearance as an atom, 14 billion years ago; helping the creation of stars and planets; turning into the miracle molecule, DNA; evolving through amoeba, worm and chimp, right up to the here and now.

Along the way, learn about why you get hiccups and goose bumps, and where viruses come from: you have your history written all through you, like a stick of rock!

This is the unadorned text, in manuscript form – it hasn’t been published yet – but we can’t wait to get it out there. Click on the pic for your FREE download.



Dr. Jillian M. Scudder is a postdoctoral Research Fellow in Extragalactic Astrophysics at the University of Sussex, in Brighton, UK.

Her thesis focused on the physics of galaxy collisions in the local universe (through both optical and radio observations), and she has now expanded her work to more distant galaxies and a broader spectrum of wavelengths.

She is very interested in science communication and outreach, and has created her own blog in order to answer questions about space: Astroquizzical. If youve got a burning question about life, the universe and everything (but mostly the universe), head down to Take Nobodys Word For It on Sunday 18th September.