Brighton Science Festival

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Pocket Science Festival Tour

It looks like a funfair – it is a funfair, but each of the exhibits have a scientific twist. A wealth of hands-on activities for all ages – coming to a location near you!

Through the Summer Holidays. Worthing / Eastbourne / Billingshurst / Brighton. More info here.  



Big Science Saturday

A day of talks, demonstrations and workshops from an incredible array of scientists and experts. Can we stop humanity from getting fatter and fatter? Do the institutions we work for make us ‘functionally stupid’? Can you squeeze an understanding of all things into a 300 page book? (clue: yes). Which is the best way to walk, like a human, or a beetle, or a three toed sloth? Are we doomed from climate change?  Find out the answers to these and much more at Big Science Saturday.

Sat 17th September, Sallis Benney Theatre, Brighton. More info here…

header Sept 18  

Take Nobody’s Word For It

Discover the art of arguing without being cross, disputing without falling out, disagreeing without being disagreeable. The day will be a mix of games and talks designed to polish our debating skills. Participants will learn to be passionate dispassionately, to be critical without going critical.

Sunday 18th September, Sallis Benney Theatre, Brighton. More info here…


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