Brighton Science Festival

Brighton Science Festival 2019

Hands-On Half-Term  –  (February 16 – 24) 

Half-Term is all about getting busy-busy-busy. The world needs creativity, and here you will find it. Here your children (and their parents) will think impossible thoughts and do impossible things.  So let your fingers do the clicking now to find out what’s on, so your hands can do the busy-busy later.  Bright Sparks is no more, but we have the Pocket Science Funfair to fill the need. (In October there will be a new family fun day and adult programme)

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Arotatorfter bringing some of the world’s best science to Brighton for two weeks, the mission now is to take some out to the rest of Sussex. We roam Sussex and further afield, visiting youth clubs, scout huts, community centres, bus shelters, anywhere, making sure everyone has access to as much science as possible. Why? Because science is cool. I mean, sometimes -273.15ยบ celsius.
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Algull_gif_resizethough the bulk of Brighton Science Festival takes place in February, and we’ve recently widened our horizons to Autumn, we’re also constantly on tour – visiting schools and bringing science, education, and most importantly fun to as many educational establishments as we possibly can. If you’d like Brighton Science Festival to come to a school near you, please do get in touch and let us know.
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Watch the 2017 video

Take a look at our video of some of the highlights of Brighton Science Festival 2017:


Take a look at our video of Pocket Science taking over the giant geodesic dome at the Elderflower Fields festival which we filled with people, entertainment, and fun. Oh, and some science as well.