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The original Perk-Up, with over 2,000 things to do, all magic, all science really.




#2 Zooming Into Your Senses, bookable until February 2021

For schools and educators, until February 2021

Zooming Into Your Senses

Zooms, for Key Stage 2 – 3

The Zoom conference system can hear and see: it has two of our five senses. But it doesn’t do as well as we do, does it? It regularly shows people too dark, or too far away – which our eyes don’t – and when there’s more than one person speaking, it crashes. This we discovered with our presentations over October half term!

But rather than curse Zoom for its hopelessness, we should marvel at what gives us the edge over Artificial Intelligence. Our clever senses will be our message; Zoom will be the medium, and also a participant in the experiments! 

I will use Zoom as a laboratory specimen, compare its workings with ours, and discover why real, human intelligence is better than the artificial stuff. How clever are our senses!

On the way, we can discover how to make Zoom work better for us.

(And if you are willing, we can discuss with the older children how AI is improving, and if we should worry about that.)

Suitable for ages 7 and up. Sessions last for a lesson or one hour.

Evaluations from October Half Term

…”Thank you for offering what was a superb talk on the history of the earth and our origins. I was concerned that the kids wouldn’t focus on an online format but it was delivered in such an engaging way that they were drawn in and entertained all the way through. There is nothing so infectious that sparks interest and imagination than seeing someone talk about something they are really passionate and knowledgeable about.”

…”Thank you so much for enabling the science festival to happen this year. We enjoyed zoom sessions throughout the week but I have to say Planet B was fantastic. I love the way you explained everything.”

…”We absolutely loved your talk on illusions and it had a big impact on Laurie.”








Hands-On Half Term does what it says on the can: it lets kids and parents get busy with their hands; do stuff together, and share the fun together. So many bright ideas for bright minds! Everything is amazing; it’s not surprising that everyone is amazed!

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We’re constantly on tour – visiting schools and bringing science, education, and most importantly fun to as many educational establishments as we possibly can. If you’d like Brighton Science to come to a school near you, please do get in touch and let us know.

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We roam Sussex and further afield, visiting youth clubs, scout huts, community centres, bus shelters, anywhere, making sure everyone has access to as much science as possible. Why? Because science is cool. I mean, sometimes -273.15ยบ celsius.

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